The arid wastelands of Season IX: Tyranny call for a new kind of warfare - desert.

Historically, desert warfare has given warring factions unique challenges to overcome, and surmounting those difficulties is literally the difference between life and death.

The elements can be more hazardous than the enemy, even when that foe is the diabolical Tyrant. Here are five tips on how to survive desert warfare.

  • Stay Hydrated

Barren regions with no water sources make combat especially tough for soldiers with animal companions (whether that be horses or dogs). In Season IX: Tyranny, the cavalry Unit of the Outriders must keep their equine pals alive to survive themselves, even in the depleted pastures, hence the lack of readily available water sources in the desert makes their plight that much harder.

  • Stay Cool

The high temperatures of the desert increase the likelihood of dehydration by a considerable measure, so make sure to stay covered and cool with suitable clothing, and find shade where you can.

  • Ride ‘em Cowboy

Militaries of the real world use horses to traverse large desert expanses to lower exhaustion rates of the soldiers, as should you. A Warlord on horseback can travel far greater distances (and faster) than one on foot, and cavalry Units can take the fight to their opponent quicker too.

  • Camouflage is Key

Any good soldier knows that camouflage is important in battle, and will give you the element of surprise (or allow you to hide). Choose Attires that compliment your surroundings, and you can slip into the sandy dunes unseen.

  • Be Prepared

Wars waged in deserts often prove difficult for visibility reasons, the lack of identifiable landmarks across endless sand make navigating them trying, and finding cover is next to impossible. Traversing sand can reduce mobility in a big way. With a lack of stable footing, the chance of slipping and even being buried by the dunes is a concern. Prepare for your journeys in Conqueror’s Blade through the Open World by outlining a course through the wastelands beforehand.

Embark on a journey through the Borderlands, recruiting rebels to stand against chaos, in Season IX: Tyranny, available now as a free update.