There’s no need to scour the decimated wastelands for equipment in Season IX: Tyranny, as we have all the rations you need right here. From September 28 (after maintenance) until October 28 (until maintenance), you can stock up on all the tools necessary to stand against chaos with up to 20% off!

  • Expedition Supplies: Prepare for the long journey through the Borderlands and grab all the Bronze, Vault Keys, Marshal’s Handbooks, and Rare Artillery Chests you’ll need to take the fight to the Tyrant.
  • Newcomer's Gift: New to Conqueror’s Blade? You’ll find everything you need in this bundle, including Bronze, Unit Medals, Scrolls of Renewal, 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, and Marshal’s Handbooks. Perfect for the Warlord in training!
  • Spoils of War: The Spoils of War pack activates when purchased, then sends you up to seven days of daily rewards (provided you log in to claim them), totalling 70x Unit Medals and 35 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, along with 60 Unit Medals and 8x Marshal’s Handbooks.
  • Mercenary Supplies: For the rebel with a cause, this bundle includes Unit Medals, Expansion Permits, Bronze, Heroic Era Signaculum Boxes and 10-Battle Unit XP Cards so you can focus on your uprising without worrying about reserves.
  • Master-at-Arms’ Supplies: Furnish your inventory with Unit Medals, Glory, Martial Arts Manuscripts, 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, and Scrolls of Renewal.
  • Military Camp Supplies: A good leader needs a well-stocked camp, so replenish your reserves with a Personal Storage Expansion, Logistics Charters, Expansion Permits, and a Horse Trough for your precious mounts.

All bundles are available now via the in-game Market, and can only be purchased once.