The stage is set, the soldiers are prepped, the only thing missing is YOU! MY.GAMES is pleased to present the second official CBL tournament of this year: Fall Fight 2021! From October 14 to October 20, 16 teams of 15 players from all regions will compete for bragging rights, epic prizes, and the glory of being ranked among the greatest warlords in Conqueror’s Blade.

Registration is now open until October 3 23:59 CEST, so assemble your team and prepare for battle! If you’re not quite ready to take part in the action, you can still catch all the fun on Twitch.

Signing up via the registration form does not guarantee entry to the CBL: Fall Fight 2021 Tournament. Participation in the tournament must be earned during the play-in period. During this time, matchmaking wins from Siege Battles by all registered teams will be tracked, and the teams with the most victories will secure entry to the tournament.

The top four teams from the CBL: Wolves of Ragnarok Tournament will receive automatic invites to compete without needing to participate in the play-in process.

Only one team can claim the ultimate prize of an exclusive Champion Player Title, Emote, Avatar, and a whole host of other rewards. The champions will also go on to battle on a global scale against the winners of a Tournament hosted by Booming Tech (more details coming soon)!


  • SIGN UP: Click here to register for the CBL: Fall Fight 2021 Tournament
  • RULES: Check out the full tournament rules here
  • SERVER:GAMES Tournament Server
  • TEAMS: 16 teams of 15 players each (with three substitutes)
  • REGIONS: All regions supported by MY.GAMES are eligible to enter
  • GAMEPLAY: Siege Battle, Field Battle


  • Siege: Harbour City, Valley Fortress, Wall Fort, Heilung Fjord, Augolia, Continopolis
  • Field: Grassland Assault


  • 1st Place: CBL Exclusive Hero Attire, Champion Player Title (Exclusive), CBL Avatar, 5,000 Sovereigns, Backflip Emote, 1,000 Blades, 50 Wyrmbane Armour Attire Boxes
  • 2nd Place: Runner-up Player Title (Exclusive), CBL Avatar, Backflip Emote, 3,000 Sovereigns, 800 Blades, 35 Wyrmbane Armour Attire Boxes
  • 3rd Place: Third Place Player Title (Exclusive), CBL Avatar, Backflip Emote,  2,000 Sovereigns, 500 Blades, 20 Wyrmbane Armour Attire Boxes
  • 4th-8th Place: Top 8 Player Title (Exclusive), 1,000 Sovereigns, Backflip Emote, 300 Blades, 20 Wyrmbane Armour Attire Boxes
  • 9th-16th Place: Backflip Emote, 5 Random Epic Artillery Chests, 5 Wyrmbane Armour Attire Boxes


  • September 29: Tournament registration opens
  • October 3: Tournament registration closes
  • October 4: Play-in period begins (00:01 CEST)
  • October 8: Play-in period ends (23:59 CEST). The qualifying teams will be verified and announced on October 11 via Discord and Twitter.
  • October 14: Round 1 (four matches)
  • October 15: Round 1 continues (four matches)
  • October 18: Round 2 (two matches)
  • October 20: Rounds 3 and 4 (two matches each)
  • October 27: Tournament round-up and winners announced


Tune in to Conqueror’s Blade on Twitch for match coverage and commentary over the entire tournament!