MY.GAMES Content Creator Program Guidelines

Below you'll find the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program guidelines:

  1. Creators are expected to follow the Terms of Service & Code of Conduct while playing and/or creating content for Conqueror's Blade.
  2. Creators are expected to follow the Code of Conduct on Conqueror's Blade social channels & Discord server
  3. Creators do not have any special privileges pertaining to the Code of Conduct or Terms of Service either in-game, on Conqueror's Blade social channels or Discord server. Creators are held to the same standards as all other players and if they are found violating the Code of Conduct and/or Terms of Service they are subjected to the same disciplinary actions as any other player would be.
  4. Violating the Code of Conduct and/or Terms of Service may additionally result in the creators' removal from the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program.
  5. Creator’s content must be compliant with the platform's Terms of Service (i.e. Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).
  6. Creators are free to voice their opinions in their content but not in a toxic manner. They are free to voice a negative opinion about the game if it is done so in a respectful and logical manner. Rants, overly toxic behavior and/or being negative for the sake of being negative may result in disciplinary actions which may include removal from the program.
  7. Use your common sense. For example, if you have a negative opinion about a new unit in the game don't just say "This unit is complete <expletive>".  Say "I don't like this unit and this is why" and take the time to explain why.
  8. Please be aware that "toxic behavior" is indeed a subjective opinion. Instances of this behavior will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  9. Content that is intended for a mature audience cannot be featured on the Conqueror's Blade social media or website. If creators would like their content featured and/or shared they will need to keep it "Rated E for Everyone".
  10. We expect creators to actively create content for Conqueror's Blade. Optimally this means that you are streaming at least twice a week or publishing a video on a weekly basis. However, we understand that not everyone can keep a schedule like this all year long and exceptions can be discussed with the Conqueror's Blade Influencer Manager.
  11. Creators are not expected to feature Conqueror's Blade exclusively on their channels. They are free to create content for other games as they see fit as long as they are actively creating content for Conqueror's Blade as detailed above.
  12. Creators who are not actively creating content will be notified that they have lapsed from the program before they are removed. If creators don't return to creating content within 10 days or do not communicate their situation to the Influencer Manager are subject to removal from the program.
  13. Being removed from the program includes but not limited to:
    • Creator is no longer eligible to receive in-game content / items from the Content Creator Program.
    • Creator is no longer eligible to receive revenue from the program’s revenue sharing.
    • Creators “influencer code” will be been deactivated on the MY.GAMES Market.
    • Creator is no longer eligible to receive giveaway codes.
    • Creator will no longer appear as a “Content Creator” on the Conqueror’s Blade Discord.
    • Creator is will no longer receive newsletters from the Content Creator Program.

If you have any questions regarding the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program you may contact the MY.GAMES Influencer Manager via email or Discord for more information.