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Update - 23/03/2023


Naraka: Bladepoint Crossover Event

  • Activated Naraka-themed Quests
  • Activated Naraka-themed decorations in the Conqueror’s City.

The City Council takes peace for granted now that Conqueror's City has remained inviolate since the Tyrant's assault. Yet, the wheel of history is always turning and once again danger draws ever closer.

Mysterious, terrifying rifts have begun to appear across the land, and travelers report bands of maddened bandits attacking settlements wherever these rifts are found . But the leaders of Conqueror's City feel safe within their fortress walls, content to send scouting teams to such rifts or bandit-ridden areas every once in a while to keep up the appearance of decisive action..

Eventually a rift appeared above Conqueror's City. It grew ever greater until it seemed to swallow the sky whole. Buildings could be seen bearing the style of Naraka, heralding the trials to come. Warlord, gather your forces and prepare to meet the challenge!

Complete the first stage of quests to receive: 

  • Treatise x2 
  • Artificer's Stone x20.

These quests are available from March 23 until April 13 (until maintenance).

The City Council has set up additional transport routes to Conqueror's City to help alleviate the crisis. Talk to the Agents of Daicheng or Hao Jing to quickly travel to Conqueror's City. Should you need supplies, you can return to these cities from the Agents in Conqueror's City.


Store (“C”) Adjustments

  • [Weekly Schematic Crafting Pack] has been renamed into [Weekly Weapon Schematic Pack].

Miscellaneous Adjustments

  • Improved equipment tips. Tips should now go off-screen less.
  • You can now press Esc to exit the Troubadour's dialog.




  • Hitbox size of all flames increased by 40%.
  • Adjusted the targeting algorithm and flame effects during regular attacks:
    • Now searches for enemies within 18m (was 12m). A single enemy can be locked on to by 3 Siphonarioi. Flames now cover a greater area when up against more foes.
    • Now instead targets the enemy's torso with their flames to reduce the chance of flames not reaching far enough. Fires straight ahead when enemies are near to ensure that their attacks miss less.
    • Attack interval reduced by 26%, granting better-sustained fire.
    • Initial flame speed increased by 35% and it drops 27% faster. Flames now reach 18m and the trajectory looks better.

Sword & Shield Infantry

  • Improved the hitbox of sword & shield units' charge skills, reducing the chance of these missing completely.

Imperial Spear Guards

  • Attack damage during [Cover Commander] increased by 30% and heroes within the effective range will take 24% reduced damage from enemy units.


  • [Shield Rush] is now better at blocking [Brace] and [Stand Firm] attacks and now deals 38% more damage against units in [Brace] and [Stand Firm].
  • Improved the AI's pathing logic of [Cover Commander] so that they attack enemies near the hero and avoid narrow terrain.

Palace Guards

[Shield Rush] is now better at blocking [Brace] and [Stand Firm] attacks and now deals 33% more damage against units in [Brace] and [Stand Firm].

Banner Guards

  • [Charge] is now better at blocking [Brace] and [Stand Firm] attacks and now deals 21% more damage against units in [Brace] and [Stand Firm].

Pike Infantry

  • When the Pike Militia, Imperial Pike Guards and Fortebraccio Pikemen are given a [Stand Firm] order shortly after having been given a formation order, they will attempt to immediately brace their pikes instead of completing the formation order first.

Cavalry Units

  • Improved the hitbox of melee cavalry and the Couteliers' charge skills, reducing the chance of these missing completely.



  • Added a description of applicable units to unit-exclusive doctrines from the Eternal season.
  • Fixed issues where some Bow, Short Bow, Musket and Chain Dart & Scimitar skills didn't trigger the intended invulnerability windows.
  • [Artillery Fragments] obtained from the [Raider Camps] event may have caused abnormal entries added into the carriage or resource backpack. As a result, these fragments will be cleared and compensated through in-game mail. 

Update - 16/03/2023



In Conqueror's Blade, the Divine Crow will become an important tool in your arsenal capable of causing devastating damage in a variety of scenarios. A single Divine Crow strike can create multiple explosions that deal lasting burn damage. For more information, check out the Artillery Spotlight.


  • Available in Optimal quality.
  • Inflicts high damage, area damage, and damage over time, and can be used for crowd control.
  • Medium accuracy and hit points.
  • Fires three gunpowder-filled rockets with each shot that explode upon hitting the ground, dealing damage and crowd-controlling enemies in an area.
  • Rockets can tilt in random directions, simulating the forces acting on them during flight and producing a slightly oscillating, realistic physical trajectory that can deftly skim over some obstacles.


New Permanent Event: Raider Camps

A well-armed, mysterious force with plenty of artillery weapons has made itself known. Rumours say that multiple benefactors provided their supplies, while others say it is the sole work of the Auctioneers. Nevertheless, these Raiders have conscripted forces from all known Camps and fight with increased ferocity. Factions across the land require your help to quell this uprising and protect their capitals.


  • Wednesdays: 16:00–18:00 and 20:00–22:00 CET (EU1 and EU2) / 17:00–19:00 and 21:00–23:00 EDT (NA3)
  • Fridays: 16:00–18:00 and 20:00–22:00 CET (EU1 and EU2) / 17:00–19:00 and 21:00–23:00 EDT (NA3)
  • Sundays: 16:00–18:00 and 20:00–22:00 CET (EU1 and EU2) / 17:00–19:00 and 21:00–23:00 EDT (NA3)

Key Information:

  • Win Conditions: Complete the objectives for all three phases.
  • Phase Objectives: Defeat the marked enemies during each phase or occupy that phase's flag point.
  • Powerful Units: All enemy units have increased health and damage.
  • Kill Rewards: You unlock usable units for the map when your party accrues enough Unit kills.
  • Special Rule: Unit casualties are not permanent for Units used in Raider Camps (however, retreating from the map may still cause you to sustain Unit casualties).
  • Raider Camps can be found near regional Capitals on the World Map.
  • Can be challenged by any number of players (3+ player teams are recommended).
  • Only the first three Raider Camp wins every week will net rewards.


  • Optimal Divine Crow
  • Rare Artillery Component
  • Epic Artillery Component
  • Random Rare Artillery
  • Random Epic Artillery
  • 20% Discount Coupon
  • 10% Discount Coupon

IMPORTANT: Discount Coupons are usable when purchasing Weekly Honour Packs, Weekly Lotus Water Packs, Weekly Skill Fortification Packs, Regular Unit Training Packs, Greater Unit Training Packs, Grand Unit Training Packs, and Weekly Golden Key Packs. Discount Coupons are not applicable to Unit preorders, special offers, and other limited-time promotional packs. Discount Coupons can be traded in the Market. Discount Coupons are valid for 30 days upon first acquisition (validity time does not refresh when traded).


  • [Against the Raiders]: Beat 1 Raider Camp.
    • Rewards: x5 Treatises
  • [Raider Camp]: Beat 3 Raider Camp.
    • Rewards: x5 Treatises and an Epic Player Title


World Map Changes

  • Changes to quest descriptions related to Rebel Camps:
    • As Rebel Camps disappear from the map, quest descriptions involving them will be changed to incorporate Raider Camps.
    • (Quests that can be completed via [PvE - Bandit Raid] can still be completed via this mode.)
  • Territory War report rewards increased:
    • Warlords of the Imperial Restorationists or Free Houses with a score of 1,000+ in Territory Wars will receive a [Special Epic Random Artillery], containing an assortment of bound Epic artillery (can include the Divine Crow).


  • Symmachean Stalwarts: Removed the 12% extra damage bonus of [Brace]. The damage reduction effect and HP recovering effect upon a successful block remain unchanged. 
  • Dagger-Axe Lancers: Reduced [Rally to Me]’s damage by 4.5%, and armour penetration by 10% when counter-attacking. The charge damage remains unchanged. 
  • Chevaliers: Reduced the average number of arrows fired by the Demesne Arbalists and Demesne Crossbowmen (retinues) when using [Assault] and [Lance Thrust]. 
    • When Demesne retinues are NOT equipped with a Doctrine that unlocks Double Shot, [Lance Thrust] has a chance to shoot 1-2 arrows per round, with the average number of arrows reduced from 2 to 1.7. 
    • When Demesne retinues ARE equipped with a Doctrine that unlocks Double Shot, [Assault] has a chance to shoot 1-2 arrows per round, with the average number of arrows being reduced from 2 to 1.7. [Lance Thrust] will also have a chance to shoot 1-3 arrows per round, with the average number of arrows reduced from 3 to 2.5.

Update - 09/03/2023



All or Nothing (March 9–23)

The All or Nothing limited-time event is back from March 9 to 23! You gain 1 Star from every battle won, but you will lose all your Stars upon a loss. Exchange them while you can or risk it all for more Stars, with 3 Stars needed to exchange for a Golden Trove.

You can exchange your Stars for Iron, Silver, and Gold Treasure Troves via the Event Page. Additional rewards are also available for playing 10 and 20 battles and for winning 10 battles of All or Nothing. For more details, please read the dedicated article.

All or Nothing will be playable in the following time slots:

  • 16:00 CET - 20:00 CET (EU) / 10:00 - 14:00 EST (NA) 
  • 22:00 CET - 02:00 CET (EU) / 16:00 - 20:00 EST (NA)

Additional information about the All or Nothing event:

  • Match in teams of three.
  • You will be provided with Equipment, Units, and Artillery (you can use any Unit except Chevaliers and Eternal Seasonal Units).
  • All players have 900 leadership.
  • Attackers can deploy two Rare Artilleries while defenders can deploy one.
  • Seasonal restrictions have no effect, with all Unit star levels available for use.
  • Additional event-exclusive Quests are available from the Warden.
  • All or Nothing counts toward Siege Battle-focused Challenges and Quests.
  • Escalation (Siege) will be replaced by All or Nothing.

Attire Chest Rotation

The Golden Tiger Attire Chest has been replaced with the Mighty Guardian Attire Chest. The legendary [Shore’s Edge Pike] Weapon Skin also returns for a limited time!

Available March 9 through March 30 (until maintenance).

Bloodlands: Limited-Time Doctrine Pool Rotation

The Bloodlands, a limited-time Doctrine excavation site, is available via the War Scholar from March 9 through March 30 (until maintenance), and also introduces the Noble Blood I Doctrine!

Effect: When taking melee damage, 100 points of damage will be converted into continuous bleed damage lasting 3 seconds, during which time damage and movement speed are increased by 15% (duration is not refreshed).

Applicable Units: Monastic Knights, Symmachean Stalwarts, Spear Sergeants,Symmachean Paladins, Men-at-Arms, Squires, Demesne Spearmen

The chance to excavate Noble Blood Doctrines and Epic Doctrines for lancer cavalry is increased in The Bloodlands. The [Noble Blood] Doctrine will only be available from The Bloodlands during this event, after which it will be available from The Carrion Bird's Banquet and The Field of Broken Lances.

Seasonal Doctrines Available in the Seasonal Store

The [Seasonal Epic Doctrine Selection] (300 Blades) and [Seasonal Rare Doctrine Selection] (100 Blades) are now available via the Seasonal Store. They contain Doctrines previously exclusive to Seasons from [Soldiers of Fortune] up to [Paragons]. Each Box has a Seasonal purchase limit of 2.

Doctrines from other Seasons will become available in the future.

New Store Bundle Available

Silver & Sundries Pack:

  • 12x General Supplies
  • 50,000 Silver

Price: 409 Sovereigns (30% Discount)

Weekly Purchase Limit: 1


Weapon Classes


[Mercy of Heaven] no longer grants melee damage reduction. The health recovery icon has been replaced to make it more easily distinguishable from Bandage.


Streamlined skill descriptions by removing the full explanations for [Bloodlust] and [Bloodbath] effects. Their actual effects remain unchanged, and the full explanations can be found in the main Nodachi weapon description.



  • Adjusted the cooldown and duration of [Deadly Epicycle] to 4.5 seconds (was 6 seconds), allowing for more frequent use and making the skill more flexible. 
  • [Deadly Epicycle] damage increased by 12%.
  • If there is no enemy around when using [Deadly Epicycle], Crescent Monks will first move toward the enemy before waving the weapon. 
  • Increased the judgment frequency of [Deadly Epicycle] in the blocking angle and attack range.

Artificer’s Forge Improvements

You can now see the maximum possible attribute value of Equipment you add to the Artificer's Forge. The colours of attributes change when they are of a high value.

We've also added animations and sound effects for when you lock attributes, and for reforging.

Other Changes

  • Added the option to turn off the minimap in combat (to boost performance) under [Settings] → [UI].
  • Due to compatibility issues with certain graphics cards, the 'Super Resolution Quality' option has been disabled in ‘Graphics Settings’. It will be restored after the compatibility issue is resolved, so please stay tuned for further updates.


  • Fixed an issue with the models of groups of guards on [Daicheng].
  • Fixed an issue where a flower bed model was missing on [Daicheng].
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect deployment background for [White Elk Fort] was used for Territory War.
  • Fixed issues related to Unit kill scores.
  • Nodachi: Fixed an issue where you sometimes couldn't roll immediately after using [Monstrous Blade] or [Blood Oath].
  • Fixed an issue where some non-damaging Hero Skills would still cause damage.

Update - 02/03/2023


Fame Adjustments

We are expanding the list of items that can be donated for Fame. Basic Resources, Exotics, and Regional Exotics can now be donated to the Fame Envoy. See below for more details:



Donation Value

Basic Resources
























Regional Exotics









Processed Goods









Map Adjustments


Improved the air walls surrounding the bases.

Miscellaneous Adjustments

  • Artificer's Stones have been added to the Hero Materials dropdown filter on the Item Market. Their suggested price has been raised to 15,000.


Weapon Classes:

Dual Blades:

The Dual Blades occupy a special place in our hearts because while wielding them, you can traverse the field of battle like a shadow and dive behind the enemy lines to cut the head off the snake, so to speak. However, as we continue to iterate on the game, we realise that the Dual Blades simply do not deal enough damage to keep up with the meta. We are making a series of changes to invisibility and how the Weapon Class feels.

[Basic Attacks]

No longer affected by the global cooldown, enabling you to immediately follow up on a skill with a basic attack.

[Basic Attacks] (when consuming stamina)

Damage has been increased by 20%.


Main Skill Effect Change: You will now move forwards, leap into the air and execute a quick succession of strikes while airborne.

Damage Change: Base Slashing Damage is now 22% higher than before, and the extra effect now deals 200 points of damage per second for 3 seconds, stacking up to 4 times.

New Effect: This skill deals 30% more damage when used from behind.

General Improvements: When using the skill, you will now move forward 41% farther. Damage is dealt 29% faster. The final strike has more reach, and animations have been improved.

[Dusken Pall] (skill only available while invisible)

After your kick has successfully stunned the enemy, the time needed to retract your leg has been reduced by 24%. This allows you to chain other skills more quickly.

[Yan Xijiao Rune]

The effect of the [Yan Xijiao] Rune has been changed to: 

After turning invisible, Critical Value is increased by a great amount every 3 seconds. The higher the base Critical Value, the higher the multiplier. This effect will gradually diminish in strength after becoming visible again.

Can also be triggered by Bo-Shurikens and Great Thunderbolt.



  • Fixed an issue where characters may get stuck in the walls in [Dasuo Fort].
  • Fixed an issue with the flower bed's colours in [Kurak Castle Redux].
  • Fixed terrain issues in [Daicheng].
  • Fixed an issue with floating pathfinding in [Daicheng] for some areas.
  • Fixed an issue with the Sheriff's dialogue options in [Daicheng].


  • Fixed an issue with the helmet icons of the [Hundred Victories] and [Aquamarine Hundred Victories] Attires.
  • Fixed the descriptions of some Challenge quests to make them clearer.

Eternal Season Launch Patch Notes - 23/02/2023



Activated several Eternal Season-themed events. Check them out in-game as part of the Activities menu (“O”) once the season launches.

New Mode: Escalation

In this new mode, the strategic choice of which units to use will be an integral part of the battle itself. This will give you more means with which to counter your foe on the fly for more intense battles.

Unit Ruleset:

  • You only need to choose one unit to start with in the Pre-deployment menu.
  • Whenever you draft units in a battle, you can choose among all of your unlocked units.
  • The campaign’s unit tier lock will not be effective in this new mode.


  • Each unit you draft costs leadership.
  • Naturally, drafting units you've previously used in that match doesn't require any leadership. Note: you'll draft the number of units that remained and enough units must remain for you to redraft them.


Escalation (Siege) will be available every day at the following times:

  • 16:00 - 20:00 CET / 10:00 - 14:00 EST
  • 22:00 - 02:00 CET / 16:00 - 20:00 EST

You will be able to access it by heading to the Matchmaking Interface (“J”) -> Events -> Escalation (Siege).

The timeframe for this event may be adjusted later in the season.

Map Pool:

The maps we will be introducing to start off with for this mode include:

  • Harbour City
  • Kurak Castle Redux
  • Sun City
  • White Elk Fort
  • Heilung Fjord
  • Reginopolis

More maps may be added in the future to this mode.

Challenges and Rewards:

Rewards, quest completion, and challenge progress is shared with [Siege Battles] meaning you will not have to prioritize one mode over the other when making your decision on which mode to play.

Artificer’s Forge

Reconditioning is being replaced with the Artificer’s Forge system, a technique that requires the Armourer to use [Artificer's Stones], [Roll of Leather], [Steel Ingot], and [Powdered Silver] or [Gold Dust] and schematics for both Armour and Weapons of Rare or Epic quality.

Entry Point:

Visit the Armourer to access the Artificer’s Forge. You must be Hero Level 50 and must have completed the Artificer's Forge quest (see the Warden) to access this feature.


Artificer’s Forge enables you to increase the attributes on a piece of equipment, and you also have the chance to grant the new attribute: Critical Damage (more details about Critical Damage can be found below).


Each reforging will require materials previously available along with a new resource known as [Artificer’s Stones].

[Artificer’s Stones] can be obtained from weekly quests, the Battle Pass, Fame Envoy, Triumph Store, Seasonal Store, and special events.

Attribute Locking:

You can lock one attribute free of charge whenever you reforge equipment. Locking an attribute will prevent it from being altered during the reforging process.

Max Attribute Cap Increased:

  • Rare items will receive 2-3 random affixes.
  • Epic items will receive 3-4 random affixes.
  • Legendary items will receive 4-6 random affixes.

Rising High Rarity Chance:

The results of each reforging will be clearly shown in the menu.

Each reforging has a chance to produce a piece of legendary equipment, and if you do not, the chance to produce one increases for your next reforge. This chance continues to increase with each reforge until a piece of legendary equipment is made, whereupon the chance is reset.

Equipment & Endurance Resets:

  • Having reforged an item, you may choose to retain its original attributes or replace them with new attributes.
  • Reforging will reset an item's endurance.

The Armourer is currently only able to work with gear crafted with Rare and Epic Weapon and Armour schematics. He is unable to work with Uncommon Schematics and Mount Armour at the moment, but perhaps that will change in the future.

Note: Please note that there have been some adjustments to Artificer’s Forge upper limit for some attributes on specific weapons since the Preview Event based on player feedback.

Battle Pass

A new Battle Pass has been added to the Seasonal Menu (F5), this time themed around legends from Ancient China.

Tier 1 - Wandering Hero Attire

Tier 100 - Hundred Victories Hero Attire

Additional Rewards:

  • Added [Artificer’s Stones] as rewards to the Battle Pass.

Seasonal Units and Unit Challenges:

3 new Units have been added to the Seasonal Unit Challenge Interface (F5). You will be able to access them throughout the Season.

Unit Release Dates:

  • Wuxing Pikemen(3-Star) - February 23, 2023
  • Crescent Monks (4-Star) - March 6, 2023
  • Yanyuedao Cavalry - March 27, 2023

Unlock Requirements:


Previous Unit Unlock Requirement


3-Star: Wuxing Pikemen


4-Star: Crescent Monks

4-Star: Crescent Monks

You must unlock Wuxing Pikemen before you can proceed with Challenges for this unit.

5-Star: Yanyuedao Cavalry

5-Star: Yanyuedao Cavalry

You must unlock Crescent Monks before you can proceed with Challenges for this unit.


Unit Challenge Rewards:

Wuxing Pikemen Unit Challenges: (Available February 24, after maintenance)

  • Stage 1: 3-day Wuxing Pikemen Contract
  • Stage 2: Wuxing Pikemen Unit
  • Stage 3: Wuxing Fire Doctrine
  • Stage 4: Wuxing Pikemen Avatar

Crescent Monks Unit Challenges: (Available March 6, 04:00 CET - All Servers)

  • Stage 1: 3-day Crescent Monk Contract
  • Stage 2: x120 Unit Medals
  • Stage 3: Crescent Monks Unit
  • Stage 4: Crescent Monks Medical Doctrine
  • Stage 5: Crescent Monks Avatar

Yanyuedao Cavalry Unit Challenges: (Available March 27, 04:00 CET - All Servers)

  • Stage 1: 3-day Yanyuedao Cavalry Contract
  • Stage 2: Yanyuedao Slashing Doctrine
  • Stage 3: x120 Unit Medals
  • Stage 4: Yanyuedao Cavalry Unit
  • Stage 5: Doctrine Spirit (only during Eternal Season) + x200 Unit Medals
  • Stage 6: Yanyuedao Resistance Doctrine
  • Stage 7: Yanyuedao Cavalry Avatar


Liangyun is the core region of the season. The liege of the house occupying Daicheng has a chance to earn the title of Hegemon. There is only one capital objective this season.

To test the new [Escalation (Siege)] mode’s rules and receive objective feedback from players, we’ll be removing the extra leadership from the campaign this season.

Campaign Stage

Dates & Accessibility

Seasonal Seals

Stage I: Opening Moves

February 23 - March 6


Territory War takes place in:

  • Liangyun
  • The Borderlands
  • Deployable Units: 1-Star to 3.5-Star
  • Armour Set bonus: Inactive
  • Crafted Equipment bonus: Inactive
  • Auxiliary Points: 6

Stage II: Eye of the Storm

March 6 - March 27


Territory War takes place in:

  • Liangyun
  • The Borderlands
  • Longting
  • Deployable Units: 1-Star to 4.5-Star
  • Armour Set bonus: Active
  • Crafted Equipment bonus: Inactive
  • Auxiliary Points: 6

Stage III: All is Chaos

March 27 - April 10


Territory War takes place in:

  • Liangyun
  • The Borderlands
  • Longting
  • Deployable Units: All Units
  • Armour Set bonus: Active
  • Crafted Equipment bonus: Inactive
  • Auxiliary Points: 6

Stage IV: Usurp the Thrones

April 10 - April 24


Territory War takes place in:

  • Liangyun
  • The Borderlands
  • Longting
  • Deployable Units: All Units
  • Armour Set bonus: Active
  • Crafted Equipment bonus: Active
  • Auxiliary Points: 6

Stage V: Imperial Dawn

April 24 - May 8


Territory War takes place in:

  • Liangyun
  • The Borderlands
  • Longting
  • Liangyun Capital - Daicheng
  • Deployable Units: All Units
  • Armour Set bonus: Active
  • Crafted Equipment bonus: Active
  • Auxiliary Points: 6

Stage VI: Seasonal Settlement

May 8 - To Be Announced


No Territory Wars will take place during this period.



Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles will be starting on February 24, we have adjusted the map pool and event schedule based on the Survey we ran with the community a little while ago.

Ranked will no longer be taking place on Wednesdays and will be returning to a somewhat familiar schedule of Friday to Sunday. Please check the full event times below:

Crystal Sea (EU1) and Sicania (EU2)

  • Wednesday - Ranked has been replaced with Free Battles 20:00 - 22:00 CET
  • Friday - 18:00 - 23:59 CET
  • Saturday - 00:00 - 23:59 CET
  • Sunday - 00:00 - 23:59 CET
  • Monday - 00:00 - 05:59 CET

Eagle Range (NA)

  • Wednesday - Ranked has been replaced with Free Battles 20:00 - 22:00 EST
  • Friday - 12:00 - 23:59 EST
  • Saturday - 00:00 - 23:59 EST
  • Sunday - 00:00 - 23:59 EST

Map Pool:

The following maps will be available as part of Ranked for the duration of the Eternal season:

  • Hidden City
  • Reginopolis
  • Sun City
  • Kurak Castle Redux
  • Harbour City
  • Heilung Fjord
  • Valley Fortress
  • Wall Fort
  • Border Fort
  • The Great Wall
  • Riverland Castle
  • Augolia
  • Linwu Fortress

Fame Store

Fame will be reset and become available for Eternal. We are making adjustments to how Fame works this season:

[Siege Battle] and [Escalation (Siege)] will grant 1500 Season Fame per week.

Weekly Donation Values and Awarded Fame Adjustments:


Required Value

Awarded Fame



















Item Reward Changes:

Donations per Week

A chance to obtain one of the following rewards:

1st and 2nd Donations per week

[Artificer]s Stone], [Rare Weapon Schematic], [Rare Armour Schematic], [Powdered Silver], [Roll of Leather], [Steel Ingot]

3rd and 4th Donations per week

[Artificer]s Stone], [Rare Weapon Schematic], [Rare Armour Schematic], [Powdered Silver], [Roll of Leather], [Steel Ingot]

5th and 6th Donations per week

[Epic Hero Schematic Crat, [Artificer]s Stone], [Gold Dust], [Rare Weapon Schematic], [Rare Armour Schematic], [Powdered Silver], [Roll of Leather], [Steel Ingot]

Fame Store Offerings:


Required Fame

Bronze Coin Cost

Purchase Limit

10-Battle Hero XP Card




Powdered Silver








Rogue’s Armour




Sentinel's Armour




House Trooper Armour




Artificer’s Stone




Unit Medal




Artificer’s Stone




Lotus Water




Artificer’s Stone




Rare Doctrine Selection Box 




Rare Weapon Schematic 




Rare Armour Schematic




Lotus Water








Artificer’s Stone




Epic Hero Schematic Crate




Epic Doctrine Selection Crate




Pure Wisdom




Legendary Artillery Selection Box








Epic Hero Schematic Crate




Aquamarine Hundred Victories Hero Attire




[Eternal Chancellor] Title




Seasonal Store

  • [Artificer’s Stones] have been added to the Seasonal Store.
  • [Antique Wreath of the Paragon] is now available in the Seasonal Store.
  • Starting from the Eternal Season, antique attires themed around the Paragon Season attires will be added to the store where they will receive a 20% [Blades] discount.
  • Highlanders-themed Antique attires are no longer discounted and their cost has reverted to their original price.
  • Tyranny-themed Hero and Unit attires have been removed from the Seasonal Store.

Seasonal Runes

We have refreshed the Seasonal Runes in-game as part of the F5 menu.

Doctrinal Alchemy

We have added two new doctrines to the Doctrinal Alchemy system.

Toughness Doctrine V

  • Type: Other
  • Applicable Units: Wuxing Pikemen, Crescent Monks, Yanyuedao Cavalry, Cudgel Monks, Greyhair Garrison, and Modao Battalion
  • Effect: Damage taken reduced by 33%. The effect diminishes upon taking damage and persists through 8 attacks.

Toughness Doctrine IV

  • Type: Other
  • Applicable Units: Wuxing Pikemen, Crescent Monks, Yanyuedao Cavalry, Cudgel Monks, Greyhair Garrison, and Modao Battalion
  • Effect: Damage taken reduced by 25%. The effect diminishes upon taking damage and persists through 5 attacks.

Adjustments to Damage Algorithms

Damage Calculation Adjustments:

In the Scorpio Season, the damage of critical hits, back attacks, and headshots only increase certain parts of skill damage. In the Eternal Season, skills will receive the full effect of such increases. This should give roughly a 1-10% increase in skill damage.

Critical Hit Adjustments:

We're removing Critical Defense and adding two new stats: Critical Damage and Critical Resistance. The following attributes are now related to critical hits:

  • Critical Hit Chance: Increases the chance to land critical hits. It is determined by your Critical Value.
  • Critical Damage: Increases the damage caused by critical hits. Can only be increased through the Artificer's Forge, and is determined by your Critical Damage Value.
  • Critical Resistance: Reduces the extra damage taken from critical hits. It is determined by your Critical Resistance Value.

Character Attribute Menu Adjustments:

Your Critical Hit Chance, Critical Damage, and Critical Resistance will be shown with percentage values. You can check your stats by pressing P -> Character -> Details.

Map Adjustments

White Elk Fort

We have made several adjustments to White Elk Fort.

Improved Atmosphere:

Improved the White Elk Fort’s visual effects and background music.

Collision Improvements:

Added a destruction effect to a part inside the city gate. When attacked with artillery, the compartment under repair will explode, increasing visibility from both sides.

We're removing some of the excess decorations on the main combat areas and passages so as to improve the combat experience in these narrow streets. This should expand and streamline the sides and corners of streets somewhat.

Balance Adjustments:

Siege Weapons:

  • Reduced the distance siege towers and battering rams need to be pushed.
  • Changed the level and distribution of small-sized artillery for the attackers and added destruction effects to the destructible walls on both flanks.
  • Changed the locations and numbers of trebuchets, adding more trebuchets to both flanks. Their fire now covers the inside of the front gate and A.

City Pathing:

  • Enlarged a stable at A.
  • Expanded the path outside the defenders' safe zone and adjusted the path between the supply point and the base.

Flag Points:

  • Shrunk the contestable area for the flags at A and the base.

Supply Points:

  • Move the attackers' right-side supply point forward, putting it closer to the destructible wall.

  • Moved the right supply point in the city to the other side of the road.

Spawn/Respawn Points:

  • Moved the attackers' default spawn point to the right path so that it faces the destructible wall there.
  • Moved the attackers' default respawn point when they attacked A to the left path's destructible wall.

Destructible Obstacles:

To better balance offence and defence in the city, we're adding more barricades and other obstacles to multiple paths. While they can be destroyed by heroes and artillery, this should make it a bit more difficult to advance in these areas




Visual Improvements:

We’ve given the whole of Daicheng a boost in looks by reworking pathing materials, improving the art of vegetation and static objects, redesigning lighting and atmosphere, and further enhancing the feel of the city being a mountainous one. The city is based on the terrain, featuring tall trees, large sections of rock, and a moist environment.


Tutorial Map Changes

We’ve made improvements to some tutorial maps, making it easier than ever for players to learn the game. We're also adding tips to siege battles, telling new players how to control their units.


Store UI Adjustments:

We're improving the Store's UI, enabling you to find the products you want easier and quicker than before. We're also adding products to the store that should suit you better.


  • We're upping the suggested price of treasures in the Market to 50,000


Fixed some hair-related lighting issues.

Hero Journey Adjustments (F4):

We have made some adjustments to the challenge required for the Hero Journey challenges.

Before Requirement (Scorpio Season)

After Requirement (Eternal Season)

Use 1 Auxiliary Unit or Silver Era or later units 2 times.

Earn 100 Honor from matchmaking battles.

Earn 500 Honor from matchmaking battles.

Unlock the [Auxiliary Unit] feature (unlocks at level 25).

Kill 50 soldiers using the [Brace] skill in Siege or Field Battles.

Unlock the [Artificer's Forge] (unlocks at level 50.

Kill 50 soldiers using the [Charge] skill in Siege or Field Battles.

Reforge a piece of equipment.

Unlock 1 seasonal unit from any season.

Complete 9 season unit challenges

Use 1 Field Camp on the World Map.

Earn 1 seasonal unit from any season.

Become the MVP 1 time in Siege or Field Battles.

Unlock the [Doctrinal Alchemy] feature (unlocks at level 60).

Complete 15 Seasonal Unit challenges.

Craft 1 Doctrine with Doctrinal Alchemy.

Siege Map Pool:

The maps within Siege have been updated to include the following maps:

  • White Elk Fort
  • Sun City
  • Hidden City
  • Wall Fort
  • Dasuo Fort
  • Broch Eastray
  • Riverlands Castle
  • Allenburg
  • Augolia
  • Empyrean Sands
  • Linwu Fortress
  • Border fort
  • Frontier Camp
  • The Storehouse
  • Greenpeak Camp




Switched the 2 pieces and full suit effect of equipment [Rogue’s Armour], [Sentinel's Armour] and [House Trooper Armour].

Longsword & Shield:

Given the fact that the Longsword & Shield’s core skill [Mercy of Heaven[ is affected by your max health, those focusing on this weapon have felt forced to put all attributes into Toughness, as Strength and Agility net fewer returns. This was never our intention so we’re changing [Mercy of Heaven]’s recovery algorithm. This should enable you to more freely choose your equipment and attributes.

[Mercy of Heaven]

Note: The healing remains unchanged for allies.




Mercy of Heaven I

Recover 3% health every second for 8 seconds.

Recover 1.5% + 500 health every second for 8 seconds.

Mercy of Heaven II

Immediately recover 10% health and another 3% health every second for 9 seconds.

Immediately recover 6% + 1,100 health and another 1.5% + 500 health every second for 9 seconds.

Mercy of Heaven III

Immediately recover 10% health and another 3% health every second for 10 seconds.

Immediately recover 6% + 1,100 health and another 1.5% + 500 health every second for 10 seconds.

[Clash of Shields] 

Charges will no longer stop when met with a block-breaking attack. This effect only lasts during the charge.

Chain Dart & Scimitar:

We made changes to the Chain Dart & Scimitars’ ability to pursue enemies in the last round of balance changes. However, [Stinging Strike]'s cooldown reduction meant that the cost to cast [Scorpion's Snare] was not in line with the great crowd-control utility it came with. Due to this, we are making the following changes:

[Leap and Slash]

Fixed an issue where it gave immunity to crowd control when it shouldn't.

[Scorpion's Snare]

Cooldown increased to 22 seconds (was 20).


Fixed the skill description. The actual effect remains unchanged.


Being one of the more unique weapons of Conqueror's Blade, the Maul excels at breaking the enemy's formation and dealing with shield bearers. Yet, it fares worse than expected in situations with plenty of soldiers. Due to this, we are making the following changes:

The Maul's [specialization] and [normal] skills deal diminishing damage when hitting multiple enemies. We're increasing the minimum target count for this to 4 (was 3), and this should increase the damage when hitting multiple targets by around 17.1%.

[Mountain Breaker]

Now reduces the enemy's defences by 20% (was 12%).

Improved the overall feel of the skill by enabling you to interrupt the backswing earlier and chain in combo attacks.


Increased damage on full charge by 24%. Hitting a mounted hero after a 1+ second charge dismounts them.

[Forge of War]

Fixed an issue with the damage of the second smash.


  • Fixed an issue where holding down the sprint button with the bow would cause a sliding animation if trying to pull the bowstring.
  • Fixed an issue where the Outriders wouldn't attack in close combat after running out of ammo while on follow.
  • Fixed an issue where the Claymores would receive a Bagpipers buff when triggering their [Fearless Heart] skill.
  • Fixed a display error for some Doctrine types.