Discover how easy it is to earn revenue from the Content Creator Program!

Donations Alerts and the MY.GAMES Market are key components in the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program.  These are the systems that allow us to offer revenue sharing with our creators!


The Market is an online store that offers premium items for MY.GAMES games under one virtual roof. Creators who have joined the Content Creator Program will be able to participate in revenue sharing with the packs associated with revenue sharing on the Market

Revenue from the sales of these packs are shared with members of the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program.

Donation Alerts

Donation Alerts is made for everyone with a passion to share the content they create. The service empowers streamers (gamers, bloggers, celebrities, public figures and many others) around the globe by giving them all the necessary tools to enhance their channel with the inclusion of widgets, polls, multi-chats and many other systems designed to provide more meaningful interactions with their audience. In addition to these features, the service supports all global streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Smashcast, and DailyMotion.

Donation Alerts also provides a comprehensive tool for viewers to support their favorite streamers in different ways, it has a convenient all-in-one internal wallet which can help withdraw money or convert funds into any other external currencies — be it conventional currencies or Bitcoin, through credit cards, PayPal (including daily automatic transfers), WebMoney, Sofort and bank cards coming later.

Creators who are participating in the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program revenue sharing will use Donation Alerts to manage and withdraw the revenue they earn from the program.

When you join the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program, the MY.GAMES staff will provide you with specific details on how to participate in the revenue sharing and how to claim your revenue!

Revenue Sharing

In the MY.GAMES Market, the pack(s) associated with the Content Creator Program revenue sharing is visible for everyone, but only those who enter one of correct 'secret passwords' can purchase them. Each password is unique and tied to a specific creator, who has been added to the system manually by the MY.GAMES team.

When a creator joins the Content Creator Program and participates in Revenue Sharing, they will receive their secret password from the MY.GAMES team. The creator can then give their designated secret password to their audience and the purchases they make using that password will count towards the revenue shared with the creator.

Once the purchase is completed, 25% of the paid sum goes directly to the respective creator's Donation Alerts account and can be later withdrawn in accordance with the service's rules. Additionally, along with the purchase the buyer can send a message to the respective creator. This message will be displayed live on both the stream and stored in 'Donation Alerts' logs for reading later. So instead of just supporting them, the creator's audience may benefit from the new way of communication.