Click the BUY icon on your Collector’s Pack of choice on this page to buy it. If you’re logged in with a MY.GAMES account, you will be charged to your preferred payment method. If you play on Steam and are logged in with your Steam account, the payment will be made using your Steam Wallet balance. 

    You will receive an email confirmation either from MY.GAMES or Steam, depending on which platform you used to initiate your purchase. Soon after purchase (usually within 15 minutes), your Collector’s Pack will be available to transfer to the game from your web Storage. If not, make sure you’re logged in with the same account you used to make your purchase (using Steam authentication if necessary) before contacting our Support Team.

    Collector’s Packs usually contain several individual items, but they are transferred in-game as a single item to be redeemed and used exclusively by a single character. You can transfer your new Collector’s Pack to a character from your web Storage. You can then claim the contents of your Collector’s Pack in-game from your Mailbox. For more information, check out our detailed guide to transferring items

    Consumables will appear in your Inventory once redeemed in-game. You can right-click items to activate them or add them to your character’s collection.