Collector's Pack



    You can buy a Collector’s Pack on this page by clicking the BUY icon. If you are logged in with a MY.GAMES account you will be charged as per your preferred payment method. If you play via Steam* and are logged in with your Steam account the payment will be made against your Steam Wallet balance. Steam users may find it more convenient to buy direct through the Conqueror’s Blade Steam page.

    You will receive an email confirmation either from MY.GAMES or via Steam - depending on which platform you initiated your purchase. In either case, soon after purchase (within 15 minutes), your Collector’s Pack will be available to transfer from your Account Inventory. If it is not, make sure you are logged in with the same account used to make your purchase (using Steam authentication if necessary) before contacting our Support Team.

    Although each Collector’s Pack includes individual items, they are transferred in-game as a single item to be used exclusively by a single character*. You can make the transfer from your Account Inventory (aka Storage), after which you can claim pack contents via your in-game Mailbox. Check out our detailed guide to transferring items
    (*Note that unlike other Collectors Pack items, Premium Account time benefits all your active characters, server-wide.)

    You can only purchase each pack once. You cannot purchase the same pack twice.

    Unlike the previously available pre-order packs, Collector’s Packs cannot be upgraded.

    You can gift a Collector’s Pack through Steam (to a friend who plays via Steam), but not via your MY.GAMES account. We will update you if and when the latter becomes possible. 

    If you have purchased a Solider of the Steppe Collector's Pack, your Horde Fighter attire will appear directly in your Attire Collection in the player panel, which you can access by pressing "p".
    If you have purchased a Sacred Fire Collector's Pack, your Fire Salamander attire will appear within your inventory. You will need to "right-click" the attire to put this into your Attire Collection in your player panel.